25 december 2020

Why it takes such a long time to get a custom order?


From my side, there are 3 major reasons.


I'm a quest in my wife's workshop.


The process of making pots takes time.


Postage takes time.



My dear wife sets the timing, so I wait to get my pottery ready.

As she is using 3 major clay

(whiteearthenware, white stoneware, and blackstoneware),

each of them takes its own time. Until one is not ready, the rest of them are waiting.


Noways she is very much in black stoneware clay.


From time to time she is still using also white stoneware clay.


And in the end, when I'm getting too nervous, she let me do also some earthenware, when she is not too busy.


Each of the listed procedures takes more or less similar amount of time. All of them very much depends on the humidity in the air. So in Winter longer and in Summer shorter.

First I use recycled clay and make
a new substance.

This material than I slab.

From those slabs, I make the desired pieces.

Then It is dry from 2-5 days, depending on humidity.

Next is the first firing, it takes a day for firing and a day for cooling.

On those pieces, I draw some nice sketches.

When they are colored they are dipping in a glaze. What also takes a day or two.

The next phase is the second firing. For earthenware is 1050 C for stoneware is 1200 C. Again a day for firing and a day for cooling.




But, but, but, this is not a month!

No, it is not.

But if I would be making and firing only your teacup it will be extremely expensive, as we are using 150 l kiln. And heating that monster is quite expensive. If there are in kiln also other 99 pieces, then the price is not so high. But it takes time, to make 100 pieces for one firing.

These are only common procedures. Better not to mention that we have also private life and in case of flu I am not working. I will let you know if something extra appears. Like walking in the mountains. Also there I must adapt according to the weather, wife, what ewer.


Being a postman is not easy job.

During the festiveperiod, everyone wants there parcels to be delivered in the same time, so they have tons of parcels to proceed.

It is rare, but it happens, that the custom control examine the item. They are not in hurry and it may last a week or two in worst scenarios three.

With pandemic, we saw, the situation is even worst. It is lucky, that they deliver most of them. Some sooner, others a lite bit later.

In my valley there is a saying:

“Patience is wealth of wisdom.”

(so and so, it does not help to be nervous)

Greetings from Andrej

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